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Company Profile
      Founded in 2007 with 2 million RMB investment, Jinan Outsource Technology Co., Lt is a high-tech company in the line of future-toward financial industry. With our exclusive data transmission line, Outsource Technology mainly focuses on BPO business through the most advanced optical fiber transmission technology in the world. Outsource Technology has independently developed information technology services, large quantity of advanced technologies as internet security, software, management as well as computer internet application platform which have been widely used in our BPO business. Outsource Technology has passed "Double-Soft" software certification and awarded the outsourcing personnel training fund by Department of Commerce..
Our BPO Business
      Since establishment of the company, the main business has focused on European and American outsourcing with the core business of BPO. With rapid development and wide popularity of internet, outsourcing products have been not only limited to tangible product, which is generally referred to traditional manufacture outsourcing.
Since the end of 20th century, with the wide application of IT, enterprises have constantly strengthened innovation to keep their core competencies to gain competence advantages, while the process reorganization focusing on information management is imperative.
Thus it is time for companies to seek new ways to achieve high performance by controlling costs, reducing risk, fostering collaboration and increasing transparency.
Markets and Customers
      Outsource mainly deals with European and American customers including banking, governments, insurance, as well as import and export business. Since establishment, Outsource has been engaging in developing partners and clients and improving its service quality.  So far Outsource has been able to provide service to the global top financial institutions such as RBC Royal Bank, CIBC in Canada, Goldman Sachs, MER, Citibank and Bank of America in America. With the development of the company, Outsource will bring their services to more international excellent financial institutions.
Red Maple
Company Profile

      Invested by Canadian top educational institution Victoria Education Group, Red Maple Outsourcing Training School is a high-end job-oriented training institution engaging in finance, software, foreign language, etc. Victoria Education Group is a major professional training and educational group which provide regular educational courses and software outsourcing business. Moreover, it is the most specialized outsourcing training group in the world. With the help from the provincial and municipal leaders, Victoria Education Group entered Jinan and established Red Maple Outsourcing Training School at District B2, 18th Floor, Building B1, Industrial Base of Knowledge Economic Headquarters covering an area of 800 square meters in June 2009.

      In response to the call of the Municipal Government to further enhance the competitiveness of Jinan Outsource Industry so that Jinan will become National information and communication Outsourcing Base, in the company of ”education will change people’s thought”, Red Maple mainly train inter-disciplinary talents including international financial outsourcing enterprises oriented BPO talents as well as Software outsourcing enterprises oriented ITO talents. 
Red Maple sticks to the principle that to improve the outsourcing ability and management of outsourcing enterprises. Introducing advanced training culture, advanced education model from foreign countries, learning from the international practical teaching courseware and inviting the global excellent professors and teachers, Red Maple sends many excellent talents to outsourcing enterprises every year.

      According to request from outsourcing enterprises, through embedded training Red Maple trains professional and cutting-edge talents. With more than ninety courses offered by Victoria, Red Maple designs customer- tailored curricula. The School invites industry leaders such as CEOs from the local outsourcing enterprises as guest professor to provide face-to-face classes to the trainees. In addition, the School regularly invites Canadian top experts and CEOs of global top financial enterprises to lecture. Moreover, Red Maple provides opportunities that trainees receive distance training from senior scholars and entrepreneurs of the current international financial market. The qualified trainees should pass three stages as written examination, interview and retrial in which enterprises involve directly. Signing talents supplying contract with several top outsourcing enterprises, the School offers a service of coordinated process of recruiting, training and employing.
The main training programs currently offered by Red Maple include traders in international security market training, financial data analysis training, high-end training on international financial knowledge, IT trading and foreign language training.

      Red Maple Outsourcing Training School will create the top-class outsourcing training institution over the province as well as the whole nation. Moreover, the School will build the first-rate professional teachers and train excellent talents in both outsourcing and IT industry.
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