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ITO Business
We have devoted ourselves to financial software R&D, providing system platforms of data search analysis, risk control and automated trading mainly for government financial departments, stock and insurance institutions.
Data search analysis platform providing:
We provide fast and efficient stock search and market analysis solution applied to both individual and institution in global stock market.
Risk control platform providing:
Our products cover fund management and risk control systems for overseas securities companies and other institutions like banks, which need risk control. They can meet our top-end clients’ stringent requirements for data security, providing a comprehensive solution package for financial hedging instruments selection, algorithms and platforms. Our clients include major securities and insurance companies in North America.
We provide a whole new trading platform and strategy applied to either individual or institution in global stock market. By precise algorithm our platform which supports back testing can make our customers free from the old trading model, while deducing artificial influence.
Our ITO business includes:

Target Customer
Listed companies of institutional brokerages looking for high-frequent trading
Develop and execute high-frequent trading model and provide the necessary monitoring according to customers’ requirements
Financial trading risk control software
Develop different trading risk control models according to the risk capacity and tolerance of customers. Help customers to develop their own trading risk control system and provide them with function blocks, trading platform and background data.
European and American enterprises intending to build financial service and R&D center or IT service center in China
Cooperate with overseas customers to R&D next generation trading system oriented new high-frequent trading software and provide comprehensive service as data, model developing, software support and background support, etc.

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